LGBTQ+ Decriminalization

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The LGBTQ+ community makes up a solid chunk of the Lebanese population. In the following pages, the atrocious life of this discriminated minority in Lebanon will be discussed as well as its effects on individual members of this community. This article also discusses the complicated patchwork of laws and jurisprudence governing the establishment of LGBTQ+ rights in Lebanon.

In general, the prejudicial treatment applied to the LGBTQ+ community in Lebanon is far more than a simple national issue that should be tackled, it’s a matter of basic human rights being at stake.

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Robin Madi
Robin Madi

Lebanese University – DSP2

My main interest in Law started at a young age when I would run around the house advocating for my rights to be treated equally as my brothers and proving myself as competent. This passion grew throughout my adolescent years as I enrolled myself in various human rights competitions and conferences. However, my true legal identity was formed upon joining law school. I then realized that law wasn’t just a major, but a lifestyle. 
As I pursued my degree in law, one specific field captivated me due to its growing magnitude in the market and its importance in this modernized world which is “Intellectual Property and Media Law”. In my opinion this legal field, which I might add is highly underdeveloped in the Lebanese legislation, might be the basis of all legal interactions in the future.

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