Lebanon Law Review | Media Production Department | JADAL | May El Hachem
May El Hachem hosting Lebanon Law Review’s first episode of JADAL.

#JADAL | #جدل is a three episode miniseries of tantalizing intellectual conversations on important Lebanese sociopolitical issues geared towards the youth. #JADAL | #جدل is an in-house production and the debutant concept of the Lebanon Law Review’s media production department. #JADAL | #جدل was filmed throughout March of 2021 and released on a weekly schedule starting the 8th of April 2021.

#JADAL | #جدل has one goal: conversation, something sorely needed in Lebanon. We need to talk about our differences, not fight over them.

Catch the first miniseries on our YouTube Channel, or simply watch them below.

#JADAL | #جدل One: Secularism in Lebanon

In this episode, May El-Hachem hosts Antoni Barakat and Charbel Chaaya to discuss the prospects of secularism and a secular state in Lebanon.

#JADAL | #جدل Two: Neutrality in Lebanon

In this episode, May El-Hachem hosts Serouj Apikian and Kassem Kassir on the prospects of a neutral Lebanese state.

#JADAL | #جدل Three: Federalism in Lebanon

In this episode, May El-Hachem hosts Dr. Elias Chlela and Lokman Hakim to discuss the feasibility of Lebanese federalism.