Research Center | Lebanon Law Review

Research Center | Lebanon Law Review

Led by the Research Director, the Research Center is our think tank concerned with producing cutting-edge and up to date legal and sociopolitical research for our partners and collaborators. The Research Center also publishes its own whitepapers and reports sui iuris. We mainly operate in Lebanon and the greater region.

The Research Center offers interested parties bespoke analysis, recommendations, situational outlooks, and reports into all legal, legislative, and social matters. The Research Center has the expertise, personnel, and connections to conduct the task no matter how complex. The Research Center offers on the ground statistics, probing, investigation, and primary research that sheds light to the truth of the status of the matter at hand. We conceptualize and theorize the situation on the ground into practical knowledge that is useful for our partners.


Research Center | Lebanon Law Review

Monitoring & Alerts

Our partners can rest easy as we monitor for legal and political updates, making sure nothing catches you by surprise.

Research Center | Lebanon Law Review

Periodic Reports

Keeping up with everything going on is a chore, especially with all the clutter.

We offer our partners periodic reports complete with strategic insight into all the legal and political happenings.

Research Center | Lebanon Law Review

Strategic Advisory

Foresight is a gift with which we are well endowed. Knowing how to move forward amidst a turbulent sociopolitical and ambiguous legal environment can be challenging.

Our strategic insight can light up the road ahead to best protect and grow your interests and assets.

Research Center | Lebanon Law Review

Policy Making

Our research center specializes in drafting up meticulous policy papers for our partners.

This ensures that they achieve their goals while maintaining and clearly communicating their values, ethics, and principles.

Research Center | Lebanon Law Review

Bespoke Research

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce bespoke on the ground legal and political research for our partners, especially in light of the lack of such research in Lebanon.

This research is analytical in nature and tailored to our partners’ needs.

Research Center | Lebanon Law Review

Due Diligence

We live in a world where everybody wants to be somebody, and where it is easy to come up with a new identity from scratch.

Our due diligence ensures that you are never caught off guard, by anyone or anything. Knowledge is power, and we have so much of it to offer our partners.