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The Lebanon Law Review is an academic institution researching law and politics. Through its operations, the Lebanon Law Review aims to achieve legal reform, increase legal literacy, and empower legal youth. We achieve this through our academic, media, and research ventures in each of our respective bodies.

We aim to be the leading and most influential institution of academic legal research in Lebanon built around an inclusive and sustainable legal ecosystem. Check out our about us to know more about our mission, vision, and values.

Lebanon Law Review maintains a partnership with LexisNexis, the largest and most respected legal database in the world. We’ve also partnered with highly-renowned I-NGOs like Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, and Peace First USA amongst others.

We are currently actively recruiting legal researchers, political analysts, and marketeers. Don’t hesitate to apply if you feel that you fit the descriptors below.

Apply to the Lebanon Law Review | Your Role

We are looking to expand our already considerable team of 70+ academicians and jurists specialized in law or the political sciences. By joining the Lebanon Law Review, you’d be joining a growing community of ambitious, young, and forward-thinking researchers looking to achieve a change. You’d be in a unique position to gain from the opportunities that this role provides, which (besides the community itself) include the opportunity to develop and refine your researching and writing skills as well as greater media presence and reach.

Remote candidates are encouraged to apply – our team is spread across three continents and multiple time zones.

Once part of our team, you may operate at your own leisure. Genius should never be rushed.

Legal Researcher or Political Analyst


  • Writing well developed academic research into legal or political matters, with the opportunity of being republished with LexisNexis Middle East.
  • Partaking in or perhaps even organizing workshops, seminars, and webinars.
  • Pushing the envelope with avant-garde propositions and theses.
  • Working with members of the team on projects involving international organizations. 


  • Upstanding personal and academic ethics.
  • Passionate, intelligent, and determined to make a change.
  • Articulate and communicative in English, Arabic, or French.
  • Willing to learn and refine the craft of academic writing and research.
  • Undergoing or have undergone studies in Law, Political Science, History, or any social science field.

Join the Team!

We are always looking for new members!
  • Which do you feel comfortable writing in? You may select more than one.
  • Which position best suits your skills and interest?
  • Under which institution's auspices did you achieve your education?
  • If you chose "Other", or if you have more than one degree, please list them here along with the institution.
  • Please list the fields of law/politics that interest you the most in detail, separated by a semicolon. If you are applying as a technical advisor, please list which discipline you love the most (from your domain).
  • Please describe the work that you would like to submit to the Lebanon Law Review. You may also opt to write about one of our preexisting topics. You may also give a short bio of yourself, enumerating any skills you have that might prove useful.