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How Free Press fought its way to the First Amendment
The incorporation of the Right to a Free Press in the First Amendment: the outcome of a long-lasting political discord. Civil liberties flourished in America …
المركبات البحريّة الغاطسة: قراءة قانونيّة عن حادثة “Titan”
تنظيم المركبات الغاطسة: إطار قانوني دولي واضح للتشغيل الآمن في المياه البحريّة | Mostapha al-Masry for the Lebanon Law Review.
Abortion: A constitutional right?
The Right to Abortion and its relation to the Constitutional Right to Privacy in American Constitutional Law. Abortion in the Constitution: an Introduction This writing …
Religious Freedom: Violating the US Constitution?
This article explores whether West Virginia's Religious Freedom Restoration Act violates the US Constitution.
Should governments intervene in the Markets? USA & EU Case Study
This opinion piece, written by Jad Chahrour, explores the case for government intervention by the US in the markets following the EU Model. The United …
The Admissibility and Enforceability of Electronic Arbitration
Yorgo Abi Khalil explores the admissibility and enforceability of electronic arbitration amidst the trend towards online dispute resolution.
Regulate Digital Assets, not NFTs
Regulation stifles innovation. Protect investors by regulating the underlying digital assets, not by regulating technologies like NFTs.
Protecting Innovation through Patents, Copyrights, & Trademarks
This article explores the regulatory instruments used to protect intellectual property innovation and their effects on businesses.


Research Center

Led by the Research Director, the Research Center is our think tank concerned with producing cutting-edge and up to date legal and sociopolitical research for our partners and collaborators. We possess the skills, talent, and connections to conduct complex on-the-ground bespoke research services and analysis for our partners.


Operated at the highest standards, the Academia is concerned with producing reliable academic research into law and politics. It is composed of a Legal Division, led by the Legal Director, and a Political Sciences Division led by its own Political Director. A team of editors and a board of technical advisors assist them in their duties.

Media Department

Led by the Creative Director, the Media Department produces in-house original media content relating to legal educative literature and sociopolitical issues. These include educative videos, webinars, filmed conferences, seminars, and events, talk shows, live appearances, and interviews among others. Furthermore, the Creative Director also supervises all marketing activities.

The Lebanon Law Review, a subsidiary of HAQQ, LLC is an academic institution headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon primarily concerned with producing the highest quality research into law and politics.

We are made up of three main bodies: the Academia, the Media Department, and the Research Center. The Editor in Chief is responsible for overall operations of the Lebanon Law Review, overseeing each body’s performance.

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Latest Political Articles

Protection of Airspace Sovereignty under International Law
The Protection of Airspace Sovereignty under international law is necessary for preserving international peace and good order.
Genocide in Ukraine?
Ukraine is a victim of aggression – but is it a victim of Genocide? Genocide is a legal term used by politicians, journalists, and ordinary …
In Pursuit of Air Superiority: The UAE’s Pairing of Combat aircraft-drones
The UAE's defense strategy relies on its implementation of combat aircraft-drones for sustained air superiority.
Policymaking Fundamentals and Principles
Karam Al Ahmar explains the fundamentals and principles of policymaking, highlighting the importance of sustainability and strategic vision.
Defense Strategy: Elusive National Objective
The Lebanese Republic does not currently have a comprehensive Defense Strategy. This paper explores the reasons for this oversight and the legal and constitutional mechanisms …
مبدأ فصل السلطات
مبدأ فصل السلطات: جاءَ الدستور اللبناني ليعلن عن ميلاد الدولة اللبنانية، التي اكتمل وجودها بوضعه وليؤكد على أنّ لبنان هو وطن سيّد حر مستقل ونهائي …
أرتساخ، الشرعية التاريخية
مقاربة اثنوسياسية لأصل الصراع الجيوسياسي الأرمني الأذربيجاني فيما يخص ارض منطقة آرتساخ أو ناغورنو كاراباخ في الكوكاز
Democratic Systems: Two Party v. Multi-party
Which is more suitable for democratic states, a two party system or a multi-party system? What about for Lebanon?