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Lebanon Law Review | Media Production Department | JADAL | May El Hachem
May El Hachem hosting Lebanon Law Review’s first episode of JADAL.

The Lebanon Law Review’s media production department produces original and informative content that aim to propagate our values and mission. Our content is at the very least related to Lebanon’s laws and politics. We like to create content that stimulates discussion and could lead to a better future, for this reason we’ve chosen to give the youth what we call “center stage”. The youth, the leaders and intellectuals of tomorrow, need to start work on their career today, and the Lebanon Law Review is the one platform perpetually committed to making that happen.

At the moment, we have chosen to launch with #JADAL | #جدل, a three episode miniseries of tantalizing intellectual conversations on important Lebanese sociopolitical issues geared towards the youth. #JADAL | #جدل is an in-house production and the debutant concept of the Lebanon Law Review’s media production department. #JADAL | #جدل was filmed throughout March of 2021 and released on a weekly schedule starting the 8th of April 2021.

The very first episode of #JADAL | #جدل, a debate between Antoni Barakat and Charbel Chaaya on the prospects of a secular Lebanese state.

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For the most part, our media production department consists of and is led by our fellow students and members of the Lebanon Law Review. Credits may vary from concept to concept or episode to episode.

We’ve got much more planned, with many more concepts in store that we’d like to bring to life. If you’d like to join our production crew, we’re always in need of marketers, designers, cameramen, script writers, and the likes. Furthermore, we are open to collaborating with established institutions in the media industry. Additionally, the Lebanon Law Review’s media department is also reachable through the following email address.