Judicial Independence

Judicial Independence | Lebanon Law Review | Christina Saad
The Separation of Powers of State. An Independent Judiciary, an Independent Legislative Branch, & an Independent Executive Branch.


Judicial independence; “the ability of courts and judges to perform their duties free of influence or control by other actors, whether governmental or private. The term is also used in a normative sense to refer to the kind of independence that courts and judges ought to possess”.

The principle of judicial independence is one of the most important principles in the protection of human rights; it is the most secure and guaranteed way for the realization of these rights. The judiciary is the most effective and impartial branch of government at overseeing the investigative procedures; including arrest, detention and humane treatment, thereby ensuring fair trial rights without discrimination, as determined by the International Bill of Rights.

No state of law exists unless the judiciary is the only reference for interpreting and applying the law in full accordance with objective standards and criteria.

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