The HAQQ Dream: Innovating Justice

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Make no mistake – HAQQ is more than just your run-of-the-mill company, venture, or startup. That’s not why it exists, that’s not why it persists. We founded HAQQ because of a noble vision and in pursuit of a dream – chasing the promise of a better world for all of us, for all of you, and for all of posterity.

HAQQ envisions a world where your legal rights are easily accessible – so accessible, in fact, that they’re one click away. Technology has revolutionized everything but Justice. Justice and the law need to be democratized and made accessible. Subsequently, this enables the overflow of ideas, connections, and wealth. HAQQ dreams of a world where people are valued. HAQQ dreams of a world where people deal with one another in the light of Justice and truth.

You might be thinking that it’s grandiose – and maybe you’re right – but the execution is beautifully simple.

HAQQ enables Justice by connecting you to an online network of reliable, credible lawyers at the click of a button. You can hire your lawyer through HAQQ anytime, anywhere. Just visit the website and search for the lawyer you need.

HAQQ | Online Legal Services

Do you need a startup lawyer in Dubai? Corporate M&A in Abu Dhabi? Criminal Defense lawyer in Beirut? Real Estate lawyer in Riyadh? Public lawyer in Baghdad? Web3 lawyer in Cairo?

Do you need a legal contract drafted – NDA, bill of sale, or rent? Do you need your company incorporated? Are you looking for someone to represent you in court? Are you looking for someone to carry out your corporate negotiations? Someone on legal retainer? Maybe, maybe you just need an half-hour consultation?

HAQQ is intuitive and easy to use. You filter our network based on your needs – language, expertise, specialization, and areas of practice. You can even filter your search to only show lawyers that match your budget! Once you’ve filtered your search, the platform provides you with a filtered list of suitable and credible lawyers that can help solve your problems.

HAQQ is more than just a connectivity platform – we’re the next-gen legal interface. In the future, you will be able to complete payments through the MyHAQQ virtual office, send files, and even hop in end-to-end encrypted video conferences with your legal team, wherever you might be in the world.

Visit HAQQ and join us on our mission to enable Justice worldwide and to connect people to their rights online – one lawyer at a time.

Antoine R. Kanaan
Antoine R. Kanaan

Founder & Director – HAQQ.
Editor in Chief – Lebanon Law Review.