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Antoine is the Director of HAQQ, LLC and the Editor in Chief of the Lebanon Law Review. HAQQ, LLC is an American digital legal solutions company operating in the GCC that digitally facilitates the connection between legal service providers and their clients. Antoine is also a contributor to The National News’s opinion column, a prestigious international daily paper in the English language catered to Gulf readers. His articles tend to tackle the strategic effects of cryptocurrency on international political affairs.

Antoine oversees all operations at the Lebanon Law Review such that it aligns with the Review’s mission and values. This includes our board of directors, editors, and advisors. Additionally, he also oversees all external relations with third parties, including LexisNexis Middle East. He also created and produced #JADAL | #جدل, which was the debut production of the Lebanon Law Review’s Media Department.

Antoine believes in connecting people.


مقابلة مع الاستاذ ملحم اميل خلف نقيب المحامين في بيروت