Euthanasia: Legal Controversy

Euthanasia Eva Zouheiry Lebanon Law Review

Euthanasia: The Abstract

Euthanasia is the practice of painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable or painful disease. It encompasses a variety of different forms and practically performed through different approaches. Euthanasia is generally regarded as a crime in most of the world’s jurisdictions. All persons have a right to life in accordance with the principles of natural law. Supporters and opponents of euthanasia are guided by its pros and cons respectively. On the other side, international laws concerning human rights emphasize the value of human life, considering the act of depriving a person from his or her life unethical. Statistical studies demonstrate a rise in the number of euthanasia occurrences. On the contrary, Lebanese laws strictly prohibit mercy killing.

This article discusses, briefly, the international and national legislation and religious beliefs that restrict certain states from legislating euthanasia, deems that it is an unresolved and contentious case worldwide.

Eva Zouheiry
Eva Zouheiry


Civil, Constitutional, and International Law.