AI: Judge or Tool?

AI Judge or Tool

Should Artificial Intelligence be used to arbitrate disputes?

We are immersed in technology on a daily basis. In recent years, technology has even been implemented in the legal and judicial sectors, and this implementation is digital as well as automated.

When it comes to courts, artificial intelligence plays two roles: AI in courts (digital and automated courts) and AI as courts (robot judges).

In contrast to digital courts, automated courts can either use technology to facilitate procedures or use AI to make decisions. A digital court can use technology to enhance traditional procedures, such as video calls, or it can be completely digital, such as crowdsourced online dispute resolution (CODR).

As it is essential to differentiate between AI as a tool in courts and AI as a court, AI as a court raises the most fundamental moral concerns.

Antonella Chidiac
Antonella Chidiac

Antonella Chidiac is a junior lawyer at Beirut Bar Association, specializing in business and corporate law, as well as legal and civil litigation.