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Israeli War Crimes Against Palestine

Recent events in Gaza, Palestine, have brought the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to international attention once again. However, many sources are falsely naming the actions committed by Israel’s authorities. Israel has committed many such actions against the Palestinian people. These crimes, when properly documented, may amount to atrocity crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the ICC. Unfortunately, the international reaction to the ongoing situation and persistent crimes, since 1948, has been inexistent. However, the ICC has finally authorized an investigation in the situation. Is it enough though? Are we receiving the honest truth or is the media twisting facts in accordance with an oppressive system? This article shall address the facts in an alternative matter and the possible scenarios that the ongoing investigation might lead to, in addition to suitable actions against oppressing human rights actions.

This op-ed is written from the judicial perspective of a Lebanese citizen….

Israel’s crimes against Palestine and the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are prosecutable by the ICC under the Rome Statute.