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Connect with Issam

Issam Amro is the Lebanon Law Review’s Legal Director and one of its founders. He assigns and oversees our writers’ research in accordance with academic standards. He works in cooperation with the Editor in Chief.

Issam graduated from La Sagesse University and is an LLM candidate at the University of Westminster. Issam is also the founder of a law tutoring platform A+ Jurist in which he tutors law and gives research assistance. Issam is a public speaker and delivers legal seminars. Issam became a published author in 2018 with the publication of his book The Constitution of Passion (دستور الشّغف) under the publishing house “Arab Scientific Publishers”. He aims to pursue his career as an author in the future.  

He believes in the rule of law, and the power the law has on a society. Justice is the nation’s pillar that governs people’s relations. Issam seeks to continuously give back to the legal community to take part in achieving justice. Law has become an obsession to Issam to the extent of including legal principles in daily conversations and discussions.


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