Rita Fawaz | Contributor

Law at Sagesse | Journalism at DSP1

The establishment of justice does not merely mean the establishment of courts or the mechanisms for the enforcement of the law, it means something far more. To establish justice means the creation of a social state that deals justly with every person and every interest of this person, and this may not be done by the profession of law alone. To establish justice, the cooperation of the members of other professions and of those engaged in other occupations is necessary, as they too are integral parts of society.

Most importantly, it is the cooperation of those engaged in the profession of journalism. Journalism plays a major role in aiding democracy and helping it function. So if we were able to put the absurdity petty of issues to the side and to focus on the real impact of true unfiltered journalism, we can open our eyes and mind to the impact news has on all our political views.


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