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Lebanese University

I am Jinan Murad, a Lebanese University law student interested in the diverse & international law field. My study of law provided me with an opportunity to deepen my understanding of societies and the problems within. While it unveiled to me how legally unaware society is, it sparked my objective to influence the application and interpretation of laws. It is important to state the necessity for individuals to get well acquainted with their rights and obligations. I found that legal research mediates a way to do so. Through identifying the laws and precedents that relate to the facts, it has been interpreted that solutions are found in accordance with logical and analytical thinking that meets the needs of society.

Noticing the unlimited horizons of the legal inquiries, I have been led to be invested in this domain. The legal field has a dynamic journey that induces me to base my future vision in compliance with the endless and continuously evolving nature of society. Having said that, my learning curve should be exposed to the countless sectors that law studies cover. This is based on the fact that this practice won’t be halted and restrained even when indulging in a specific area of law.


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