Jana Chreim | Contributor

Jana Chreim | Contributor | Lebanon Law Review

Jana Chreim is an Ex-legal trainee at SADER Legal Publishing, in SADER Middle East Sports Law. During this internship Jana Chreim gained legal skills, mainly in research, legal translation and writing legal content in three languages.

Jana Chreim has her bachelor degree in comparative law (French-Lebanese) at la Filière Francophone de Droit de l’Université Libanaise. After graduating with a master degree in comparative law (French-Lebanese) from la Filière Francophone de Droit de l’Université Libanaise in 2021, Jana Chreim decided to undertake her Master 2 degree in Droit interne et international des Affaires. While she finished her studies, Jana is currently working on her thesis entitled “La Gouvernance des Sociétés et Blockchain”.

Jana loves Sports Law and has deep knowledge in football regulations, in fact she played as a striker with her university team in 2019.

During her years of study Jana Chreim discovered her love and passion for corporate law and corporate governance, that’s the reason her main goal is to become a corporate law researcher. Besides, Jana Chreim main motivation to study law is to be an asset to her community, her goal also is to become a judge where she can contribute positively to our society.

In addition, she attended many workshops related to human and women rights, mainly with the National Commission for Lebanese Women headed by Claudine Aoun, in which she obtained communication and leadership skills, but also political comprehension of quota and women rights. She also developed her organizational skills by being a member of the organization team of the Colloque International sur la réforme du Droit des Contrats.

Moreover, Jana enjoys learning new languages besides her knowledge in English and French, she developed an interest in German and Turkish. She believes languages are a getaway into another cultures.

Finally, in her free time, Jana prefers doing outdoor photography and playing football.