Joya Elias | Contributor

Lebanon Law Review | Academia and Practitioners | Joya Elias

To grow in humanity, there are some battles we are adamant to make.

Being a human rights activist is how I would like to be introduced as there is no better way to explain what drives my sense of purpose in life than that. Whether it falls in the line of my instructional parcours focused on International Law ( IHL, IHRL) or my work experiences that provided me with a sense of responsibility towards the marginalized.

This cornucopia of interests gave me a better understanding of the necessity to examine the institutionalized cause of human rights violations in order for us to build a state that takes into account freedoms and constitutional rights. 

We cannot live for ourselves, we have the responsibility to stand as a beacon of hope and understand that a firm legal foundation is the starting point of the change we hope to ingrain in our societies.